Meriwether utilizes an innovative process that produces the road map for each investment. This is an integrated approach, bringing together appropriate stakeholders and professionals to create handcrafted solutions unique to each opportunity
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By leveraging years of experience and real time development, the process culminates in both innovative design and exceptional risk adjusted returns.
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Community Design

Resort real estate is not a commodity – no one "needs" a vacation home. The decision to acquire a second home is based on a combination of past experience, emotion and the aspiration to live a more full life. Meriwether’s projects are successful because we understand our buyer and how to build loyalty and affinity for the places we create.

Photo of men in a discussion on site
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Niche Opportunity

Meriwether’s platform provides opportunities to acquire and develop property in markets underserved by institutional capital and experienced developers.

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Institutional Accountability

Meriwether’s in-house accounting, reporting and treasury team provides more than 30 years of combined experience working with institutional partners.

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Once a business plan is determined, Meriwether understands the need for hard work and disciplined execution to realize results. We understand the need to integrate finance, development and sales for a project to be a success.

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Financial Returns

Through proper segmentation of the market and rigorous execution, Meriwether is able to generate strong financial returns for investors while maintaining value for our individual property owners.

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Disciplined Underwriting

Meriwether’s experience acquiring, building and selling real estate is reflected in a disciplined financial underwriting process based on the current market yet cognizant of proper capitalization to withstand unforeseen market or project-specific challenges.