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The Hideaway Carmel, California

The Hideaway is ripe with opportunity, and the hope is to make it the leading Boutique style hotel in the Carmel-by-the-Sea area. The location and existing structure of Hideaway are the perfect beginnings for minimal expenditure for maximum returns.

The Hideaway is a 24-room operating boutique hotel located south of Ocean Avenue in the geographic center of Carmel Village, only ten blocks from the beach. Carmel's moderate year-round climate and world-class golfing experience is the perfect recipe for less seasonality compared to other resort markets. Meriwether acquired the property, formerly known as The hideaway Inn, in 2015 and believes the property presents the opportunity to create a distinctive product in the market with an appropriate investment in capital improvements. $5.5 million will be allocated towards development and enhancement, specifically renovations on the rooms and facilities. These renovations will undoubtably make The Hideaway as beautiful on the inside as it is outside, and position this property directly into the forefront of the hospitality market in the Carmel and Monterey Bay area.

Project Details

24-room boutique hotel
Ongoing Project
Quote from Partner Noah Hahn - A key point of rationale in purchasing the property was the high barriers of entry in Carmel. With renovations, the Inn will rival not only the B&B's, but the upscale properties as well.
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Photo of The Hideaway lobby.
Photo of ocean and beach near Carmel.
Photo of interior of guest room at The Hideaway.
Photo of two whales jumping out of the water.
Photo of The Hideaway lobby.
Photo of golf course.
Properties in Carmel rarely trade ownership, and the acquisition of The Hideaway is an opportunity to own a uniquely irreplaceable asset.
Photo of interior of guest room at The Hideaway.
Photo of the outdoor lounge area at The Hideaway.
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Photo of The Hideaway exterior.
Photo of breakfast at The Hideaway.
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Photo of exterior balcony at The Hideaway.