225 Canyon

Boulder, CO

In January 2015, Meriwether acquired its first office project at 225 Canyon. Office workspace is a natural extension of our capabilities as the trending design focus is now on the overall experience of existing in a space – working individually, and together in both small groups and large. Spaces need to evolve, convert and be highly functional.

225 Canyon was a 4,500 square foot rundown office building well located amongst a terrific natural setting but in a somewhat forgotten section of Boulder surrounded by ‘70s and ‘80s style buildings. Defined by rents in immediately adjacent buildings ranging from $9.00NNN to $12.00NNN, over a four-month period Meriwether performed a complete makeover of the building, creatively adding a below grade outdoor gathering area to energize previously forgotten below grade office space. Within one month of starting the renovation, armed with renderings of the vision for the experience Meriwether signed a 5-year lease more than 50% higher than our neighbors.

Property Details

Type: Commercial Office.
Status: Ongoing Project
Engagement: Sponsor
“There is an undeniable trend whereby office spaces need to be more than four walls and rows of cubicles. Companies, to attract talent, are demanding spaces that engender collaboration and creativity.”
Noah Hahn
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