Parlor Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK

Parlor - Oklahoma City, OK

The Parlor concept is intended to utilize Meriwether’s dining, hospitality and resort experience to build innovative and financially successful food halls in key U.S. markets.

Appealing to urban young professionals and families alike, food halls are an emerging national trend offering a diversity of food options. Parlor represents an opportunity to create a more integrated experience relative to competitive food halls. Meriwether launched the Parlor concept in September 2017 with the purchase of a historic building in the Crossroads neighborhood of Kansas City, MO.

Meriwether followed its success in Kansas City, opening a second parlor in Oklahoma City in 2019. Parlor OKC is located in the “Automobile Alley” neighborhood and quickly establishing itself as a vibrant “go to” spot for families and young professionals alike.

Property Details

Type: Hospitality.
Status: Current Project
Engagement: Sponsor
“Beyond vendor selection, Meriwether Companies will be responsible for the day-to-day operations including the bar, wait staff, PR, brand positioning, social media and advertising.”
Garrett Simon
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