Powder Mountain

Ogden, UT


Acquired by Reed Hastings (Founder of Netflix) in 2023, Meriwether was chosen to envision and execute a new development vision for Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah. With over 8,000 skiable acres, Powder Mountain offers one of North America’s finest uncrowded ski experiences. The new vision for the property includes investment in expanded ski terrain, world class amenities, and an new residential offering. Less than 1 hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport, homeowners and members at the revamped property will benefit from the ultimate escape to a pristine mountain environment.

Beyond the ski experience, Powder features an impressive network of trails that will soon be complimented by a Club that features world class recovery and wellness facilities, private dining, family amenities, and enhanced public facilities. Real estate will be strategically placed to offer stunning views and foster a sense of community amongst the neighbors who call Powder Mountain home.

Property Details

Type: Ski and Master Plan Community
Status: Ongoing
Engagement: Partner & Advisor
“Powder Mountain is one of the most dynamic mountain resort developments in North America. With Reed Hasting’s leadership and commitment, the resources are in place to create a remarkable community that serves both the local community and generations of home owners on the mountain.”
Immersed Group - Team - Noah Hahn
Noah Hahn
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