The Shores

Breckenridge, CO

The Shores - Breckenridge, CO

In July 2014, construction began on a re-envisioned community that takes full advantage of the dramatic location The Shores will provide to its future residents.

The Shores is a riverfront resort community located near downtown Breckenridge, Colorado, on a pristine stretch of the Blue River. Development began during the height of the boom in 2006, but stalled during the economic downturn. Recognizing the unique opportunity to acquire a well-located parcel in a top-tier resort market, Meriwether acquired The Shores in June of 2014. Meriwether subsequently led the project through architecture, branding, and marketing revisions to position The Shores for success. Construction was completed in 2020 with 40 homes built and sold. All told, the Project delivered nearly a 2.0x multiple on invested equity.

Property Details

Type: Single family paired & residences.
Status: Complete, Past Project
Engagement: Sponsor
“Breckenridge has that rare combination of both Front Range accessibility and the authenticity of a mountain town rooted in mining history.”
Noah Hahn
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