Rendering of Playa Pelicano residence


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Playa Pelicano - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The first international project in our portfolio, Meriwether is looking forward to applying the decades of experience and relationships developed by our partners to Playa Pelicano’s benefit.

Meriwether was engaged by the Lehman Brothers Estate in 2014 to oversee all aspects of Playa Pelicano, located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Playa Pelicano is a 600 acre master plan previously visioned for a Canyon Ranch Resort. Under its management, Meriwether will focus on mitigating previous environmental issues as well as develop a viable business plan for a future disposition. This is Meriwether’s first foray into international waters, and we are looking forward to both the challenges and opportunities associated with foreign real estate speculation and development.

Project Details

687 acre masterplan resort
Quote from Partner Garrett Simon - Arguably the best piece of property in Costa Rica, we are honored to have the opportunity to develop a solution that benefits our client as well as the local community.
Playa Pelicano logo
Photo of beach
Rendering of residences
Photo of waterfall
Once complete, Playa Pelicano will continue the transformation that Papagayo started years ago.
Photo of bridge
Rendering of residence floor plan
Photo of boy surfing wrapped in a wave
Map of Costa Rica and Playa Pelicano location
Photo of coastline
Photo of sunset
Photo of two men standing on beach