Frost Creek

Eagle, CO

Frost Creek - Eagle, CO

Meriwether was engaged in 2015 by Brue Capital to manage all aspects of operations and development at Frost Creek in Eagle, Colorado. Under Meriwether’s leadership, the Club realized its potential as Colorado’s premier Mountain Club.

Frost Creek is a luxury golf club situated on 1,100 acres of pristine Rocky Mountain wilderness in the heart of the Brush Creek Valley in Eagle, Colorado. Previously known as Adam’s Mountain Country Club, Frost Creek was acquired in March of 2015 by Brue Capital, LLC. The new owners enlisted Meriwether to develop a strategic growth plan and reinvent how the Club and Master Plan Community is positioned in the marketplace. Initial recommendations included an aggressive rebrand, price restructuring, membership overhaul, and the addition of thoughtful activities and amenities targeted at a more youthful, family-oriented audience. In just a few short months, these efforts resulted in a 400% increase in membership,

Meriwether continued to work at Frost Creek through 2018 and is proud of Frost Creek’s legacy as  “great golf, great activities at a great price in a great location”

Property Details

Type: 1,100-acre master plan community.
Status: Complete, Past Project
Engagement: Manager
“Frost Creek is an ideal destination for young, adventurous families. As development continues, we can reshape this club and redefine the stereo-types associated with elite golf communities.”
Garrett Simon
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